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Student sues college after being assaulted on campus

Studying, getting good grades, jobs and relationships are just a few of the things students who attend college in Massachusetts have to worry about. The last thing they should be concerned with is their safety while they are on campus. Yet for one college student who was attacked on campus at Villanova University in suburban Philadelphia, this became a very big concern, especially when his attacker was allowed to return to campus after a brief suspension.

The assault occurred on September 16, 2012 in an area of Villanova’s campus that was not lit properly and had no surveillance cameras or emergency call boxes. Luckily, the student had two friends that helped him get out of the headlock the other student put him in or perhaps his injuries could have been much more severe. As it was, he required hours of surgery to repair his nose and face and will need more surgeries in the future.

2 employees burned in fryer accident

Workers in Massachusetts have the right to go to work without fearing for their safety. To this end, employers have the responsibility of ensuring that the workplace is free from potential safety hazards and that the chance of accidents occurring are minimized as much as possible. They are also responsible for properly training their employees on specific safety guidelines to follow.

An accident that occurred recently on the job may have resulted from faulty equipment. The incident took place at Shady Maple Smorgasbord, an all you can eat buffet, in East Earl Township, Pennsylvania. Two employees were burned when the lid of a fryer came off. One of them was close to the chicken fryer when the lid opened and suffered burns over a large part of her body from the hot oil and steam that came spewing out. The other employee sustained burns to her hands when she went to help the first worker.

Motorcyclist seriously injured in crash

With spring officially here in Massachusetts, the number of motorcyclists is bound to increase on our roadways. As the weather warms up, more and more people choose to commute to work on their motorcycles or get out and enjoy a leisurely ride. It is important for automobile drivers to be aware of bikers and remember to keep a look out for them at all times.

Perhaps doing so could have prevented a motorcycle accident that occurred recently in Worcester, Massachusetts. Authorities are still investigating the crash that sent a motorcyclist to the hospital with serious lower body injuries.

Two workers injured in flash fire in Massachusetts

For those who work in a potentially hazardous work environment in Essex County, Massachusetts, special care and considerations must be taken. In these situations, employers have a duty to their employees to make sure they are properly educated on the dangers and safety precautions.

A fire at a resin and coating manufacturing company in Wilmington, Massachusetts on March 13 left two workers injured. The two employees were mixing chemicals with a resin in a container when it is believed that the vapors were ignited by static electricity. This incident was considered to be a flash fire, a fire that is very hot and moves quickly, but does not last long. A flash fire is caused when a flammable substance disperses and mixes with air and then is ignited.

Car accident on I-91 leaves 2 injured

When a car accident occurs on an interstate in Massachusetts, the results can often be deadly. This is because with the higher speeds at which automobiles travel on the freeway, there is more likely to be severe damage when an accident occurs. There is also evidence that exists that points to the fact that the faster you drive, the more likely you are to be involved in a car accident. This is especially true for drivers who are traveling at a much faster speed than other drivers around them.

An accident that occurred in Longmeadow, Massachusetts recently ended with two people being taken via ambulance to a local hospital. Although authorities are not sure of the condition of the victims, their injuries are thought to not be life threatening. One of the injured was driving a car that was registered in Connecticut, the other was from Massachusetts.

Deck collapse sends 24 people to the ground, injuring many

After the long, cold winter we have experienced here in Massachusetts, the promise of spring on the horizon is a welcome thought. For many, a spring morning or afternoon spent on a backyard deck can be a wonderful way to soak up the sunshine and enjoy the outdoors. However, it is important to regularly check the deck and its supporting structures for signs of wear and/ or rotting. Doing this can help to prevent accidents that may result from the deck crumbling or collapsing.

Had the homeowners association that owned a clubhouse performed regular checks on its deck, an accident may have been prevented. Instead, the deck collapsed, injuring and sending many to the hospital.

Restraining pets in car can lower distractions

Driving with a pet in the car is not an uncommon practice in Massachusetts. Many pet owners find great joy in taking their pets out for a leisurely drive and love their company as they run errands. Pets can enjoy it just as much, but sometimes they may become a little too enthusiastic and cause a distraction for drivers.

For this very reason, many states have enacted laws making it mandatory for dogs and other animals to be tethered or placed in a kennel while a vehicle is in motion. Massachusetts is one of those states; failure to obey this law can land you a costly citation with fines anywhere between $50 and $200.

Employee awarded workers' comp benefits after car accident

It can come as a surprise to some employees in Essex County, Massachusetts that they may be covered by workers’ compensation benefits as they are leaving their place of employment. Many workers think that once they are off the clock, the benefits stop there, but this may not be the case.

This point is illustrated by a casino employee who was injured while leaving work on September 19, 2012. Although she was almost completely off the property when the accident occurred, she was still able to collect workers’ compensation benefits.

Woman dies after mattress hits her car

Failure to secure a load in Essex County, Massachusetts can carry a stiff fine. The law requires drivers to ensure that their load is secured in such a way as to prevent it from shifting, dropping or escaping from the vehicle. When this law is not heeded, not only can it create litter on the road, it can also create a potential hazard for other drivers.

This was the case when a dump truck evidently failed to secure its load before traveling south on I-95 near the Burlington-Lexington line. A mattress was lost from the truck as it traveled along the freeway. The mattress apparently hit the car of a 56-year-old Framingham woman.

Couple awarded $30,000 settlement after tripping on sidewalk

Citizens of Essex County, Massachusetts should be able to walk on sidewalks without worrying about their safety. Where sidewalks are located on public property, it is the responsibility of the city to properly maintain them and ensure that they are safe for the public to walk on. Problems can develop on sidewalks for a variety of reasons including breakdown caused by salt used to melt ice in the winter, tree roots that grow under the sidewalk and cause it to become uneven and crack and plain and simple wear and tear.

A couple who was injured on a sidewalk filed a lawsuit against the city of Glendale, California. Their injuries occurred on June 13, 2010 when the 83-year-old man was walking with his 78-year-old wife. The man tripped and fell on a section of sidewalk that was raised. As he and his wife were walking arm in arm, she fell too and sustained bruising to her elbows and knees and tore her left rotator cuff. The man suffered back injuries and displaced one of his fingers.

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