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  • Attorney John Finbury takes novel issue in a negligence claim against the City of Haverhill to the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court, and wins.

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  • $500,000 worker's compensation settlement
    for Massachusetts Home Depot employee who suffered severe spinal injury when he hyperextended his body in order to avoid being struck by employee pushing carriages towards him in an aisle.
  • $400,000 worker's compensation settlement
    for Massachusetts truck driver who injured lower back as a result of a fall in gas station while delivering gasoline.
  • $230,000 worker's compensation settlement
    for employee who developed RSD/CRPS following finger joint surgery for work-related repetitive stress injury.
  • $1.5 Million Verdict
    in Essex County for serious personal injuries caused by a drunk driver in a motor vehicle accident.
  • $1.4 Million Verdict
    in Essex County for a young man who was injured when a stool collapsed at a restaurant in Haverhill, Massachusetts. It was necessary to use experts in the field of medicine, economics, and vocational rehabilitation to prove the damages suffered by this client.
  • $1.3 Million Settlement
    In Essex County for an electrician injured in an arc blast while working in North Andover. He suffered burns and a fractured elbow. Medical, electrical and code experts were used to prove liability and damages. The firm is experienced in filing suit and litigating these types of cases in order to obtain the maximum benefit to which our clients are entitled.
  • $1.275 Million Settlement
    in Essex County where a motor vehicle chased by the police crashed and overturned resulting in injuries to a passenger. The injuries included fractured vertebrae which required surgery and which resulted in a permanent injury, as well as internal complications and lower leg ailments.
  • $1 Million Verdict
    in Essex County Superior Court (Lawrence, MA) for a wife who was beaten and stabbed by her husband, leaving her with significant permanent injuries.
  • $835,000 Settlement
    in New Hampshire for a medical malpractice claim and related workers' compensation claim involving a failed sympathetic block for complex regional pain syndrome.
  • $767,000 Settlement
    for a man who was partially paralyzed as the result of a motor vehicle collision. The plaintiff was a passenger in a vehicle in which the operator was over-served at a club in Haverhill. Expert testimony was used to prove that improper training and serving procedures led to the over-serving of alcohol.
  • $750,000 Verdict
    in Newburyport Superior Court for a woman injured in an auto collision. The insurance company offered $75,000 to settle, one-tenth of the ultimate verdict. That offer was refused and we went to trial. With interest the verdict exceeded $1,000,000.
  • $650,000 Settlement
    for a liquor liability case in New Hampshire
  • $450,000 Workers' Compensation Settlement
    where a New Hampshire employee was contaminated by chemicals in the air at his place of employment in Massachusetts.
  • $450,000 Settlement
    in Hillsborough County New Hampshire where a young teacher slipped and fell while exiting a convenience store resulting in orthopedic injuries and a closed head injury.
  • $400,000 Verdict
    in Middlesex County Superior Court (Cambridge, MA) for a young man injured at the Haverhill train station when the train began pulling away as he was boarding. A final offer of $25,000.00 was rejected. With interest, the final judgment was over $500.00.00.
  • $379,000 Arbitration Award
    For tenant in commercial lease dispute
  • $250,000 Verdict
    in Essex Superior Court (Lawrence, MA) for a mailman attacked by two dogs in the course of his employment, resulting in injuries to his back and neck as he was fleeing from the animals. With interest the judgment exceeded $316,000.00.
  • $250,000 Settlement
    in Rockingham county for a Newton, New Hampshire woman who was severely injured in a head-on collision resulting in multiple fractures.
  • $225,000 Settlement
    in Essex County where an employee slipped and fell on her way into work as a result of weather conditions. She settled with the workers' compensation carrier as well as the owner and property maintenance company.
  • $150,000 Verdict
    in Suffolk County for a patron of a bar whose leg was fractured by the negligent conduct of a security guard.
  • $150,000 Settlement
    in Rockingham county for a woman who was severely injured when she slipped and fell on water at a major department store. A lawsuit was necessary to obtain discovery which ultimately showed that the store allowed a freezer to leak for several days without adequate clean up..
  • $140,000 Settlement
    in Essex county for a Methuen woman who suffer a fractured hip on a dark outside stairway due to the landlord's failure to properly maintain the lighting.
  • $45,000 Settlement
    in Essex County for a boy under 2 years old who fell from a landing in a rented apartment due to improper construction of a railing.
  • $25,000 Settlement
    in Rockingham County for a man injured when he slipped on icy stairs at a mall in Southern New Hampshire as a result of negligent maintenance of the property.

Understanding Complex Regional Pain Syndrome

Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, or CRPS, is a potentially debilitating chronic pain condition that experts believe is related to dysfunction in the central or peripheral nervous system. It is sometimes referred to as reflex sympathetic dystrophy, or RSD.

CRPS/RSD typically affects people who have suffered a traumatic injury such as may occur in a car crash or industrial accident, as well as those who have undergone surgery. In some cases, the condition appears to be triggered by other events such as stroke, heart attack or illness.


Although CRPS/RSD is known to be linked to illness and injury, its exact causes are not yet fully understood. Some medical experts believe that the condition occurs when an injury causes a “short circuit” in the nervous system, leading to excessive activity in the nerves of the affected area. Others believe that the syndrome is caused by a triggering of the immune system during the healing process, which disrupts the body’s ability to recover from an injury or surgery.


The hallmark of CRPS/RSD is intense, burning pain that may seem out of proportion to the underlying injury. Instead of improving over time, the pain associated with CRPS/RSD typically persists and grows more intense, often spreading outward from the point of injury to affect a much larger area. The body parts most frequently affected by CRPS/RSD include the hands, legs, arms and feet, with symptoms often affecting the entire limb.

In addition to severe pain, people affected by CRPS/RSD often experience joint stiffness and swelling, and may have difficulty moving the affected area. Other symptoms may include excessive sweating and skin changes, such as discoloration, blotchiness, texture changes and temperature abnormalities. Some people affected by CRPS/RSD experience changes in nail and hair growth patterns, such as a sudden increase or decrease in growth.


Unfortunately, there is currently no cure for CRPS/RSD. Therefore, treatment of the condition is typically focused on relieving symptoms. Doctors may prescribe medications like topical analgesics, antidepressants, narcotics or corticosteroids to reduce pain. Other treatments may include the use of physical therapy, psychotherapy or nerve-blocking treatments aimed at stopping the pain signal from reaching the brain.

Surgery may also be an option for some CRPS/RSD patients if other treatments are ineffective. For instance, some patients can achieve relief with the use of a spinal cord stimulator, which involves the surgical implantation of tiny electrodes along the spinal column to deliver mild electrical impulses to the affected nerves. Others choose to use an implanted pain pump, which delivers a steady supply of pain medication directly to the spinal cord. Surgical removal of the affected nerves has been shown to provide relief in some cases, while causing symptoms to worsen in others.

Compensation for CRPS/RSD

If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with CRPS/RSD after an injury, illness or surgical procedure, you may be able to receive financial compensation for your medical expenses, lost income and other expenses, as well as for the pain and suffering you have endured. For more information, contact an attorney with experience representing clients affected by CRPS/RSD.